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We have been in the business of software development in Kenya for close to a decade. Trust us when we say we know what you need to succeed in this field. Our mentors are qualified by educational training and experience. Their commitment is to raise your skill set from the beginner level to an expert developer.

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“Great place to learn together with an amazing team! Highly recommend KwetuHub to all young people who want to become successful freelancers. Learn and code fast!”

IT and Comms @ FOCUS Kenya
Testimonial for Kwetuhub

“Gave me a chance to develop as a professional developer. My thoughts and contribution were valued every day as I worked alongside respectful and welcoming staff”

Developer @ Resolution Insurance
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“I had zero experience with Python before the course and the instructor was patient enough to let me through. Still love the course flowing for the more advanced members.”

Developer @ Focus Kenya
Testimonial for Kwetuhub

“Learning here was the greatest milestone in my career journey. Transforming along the way acquiring skills for project management and systems engineering too was fun.”

Developer and Consultant @ MUVA

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