Frequently Asked Questions

The Kwetu Hub training centre offers four major tracks that include Web Apps Development,
Android Apps Development, iOS Apps Development, and Integration/APIs (Mpesa, Bulk SMS,
USSD, CRB, Google Maps)
The duration ranges from 10-12weeks depending on the track. Check the duration
of each track here.
Click the “Explore” button to view the cost and duration.
The cost of the tracks varies depending on the lessons covered and duration. You can check
the cost of each track by following this link.
Contact the school for the payment details.
The fee once paid is NON-REFUNBABLE. The school uses the fees to cover administration
costs and facilitate learning.
The lessons run on Monday to Friday from 5.00pm to 8.00pm. Students are expected to
attend each class on time and communicate their absence in good time. Check the school’s
terms and conditions for more details.
It will be possible to enrol for more than one track when the school starts offering day
lessons. For evening lessons, students can only study one track at a time.
Completing one or all tracks does NOT guarantee the students any certification, internships,
or job opportunities. However, the mentors will offer guidance to students on how to apply
for such positions and even run their own tech companies
We are located at HighwayView Plaza, 2nd Floor (Same building as Chebu
Clinic/Pharmacy), Juja Town, along Thika Road, Exit 15. Google Map Location/PIN:
A track is module/course

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