Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

By enrolling with us, you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions outlined. A breach of any of the terms and conditions may lead to immediately cancellation of the student’s enrolment.

Course Duration

Each software development course takes several weeks to complete. Students are expected to attend each class they register for in time. Students must communicate absence from any class in the morning of the day of absence.

Admission fees

Students must pay the full admission fees

The school reserves the right to restrict access to the classroom or parts of the courses to students that fail to pay their fees on the agreed terms

Withdrawal and Refund

A student may withdraw from a registered course at any time but the admission fees is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Learning tools

Students are required to carry their own laptops to each class. The school shall provide a reliable internet connection during the classes.

Code of conduct

By registering for any software development course, students commit to do the following

  • to behave responsibly and treat the school premises with care and respect. Students will be required to fully indemnify all losses or damages to the school’s property
  • not to interfere or try to access any part of the school premises that is restricted to staff members
  • to avoid any activity that may affect the school’s reputation, breach the law, or infringe the civil rights of others
  • not to smoke and consume or possess alcohol or any other drug while at the school’s premises
  • to attend and complete each course while adhering to the attendance policy
  • to treat other students and mentors with respect and avoid any activity that may compromise their safety or security
  • to fully comply and follow instructions that the mentor or school staff give concerning the enrolled courses


  • Students are required to have minimum beginner level experience in coding and/or programming
  • Students must fill in an application form for consideration
  • Students must provide current, complete, and accurate personal information when filling their application. The school may cancel an enrolment if it determines that the information provided is false or misleading

School Property and Confidential Information

Confidential information or data refers to any information about the school’s activities that is not in the public domain. The confidential information includes data or activities that relate to other students, clients, or staff members

The school reserves intellectual property rights to all manuals, software, documents, or hardware that is deemed to be confidential

Students should not publish or share any material that the school terms as confidential on their social media or any other platform

The School’s obligation

  1. The coding school agrees to provide students with a favourable learning environment, qualified mentors, and the associated learning materials
  2. The school shall provide students with any relevant information about the selected courses including the requirements and curriculum
  3. The school reserves the right to make reasonable changes to its policies, terms and conditions, school fees, application and operational procedures from time to time
  4. The school may discontinue learning for reasonable causes

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