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Cross Platform App Development

KSH 50,000
12 Weeks

What You Will Learn

Hello there! you can choose between Flutter and React Native for your cross platform development paths. All the best!

React Native

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to Javascript ES6
  • Get started with React Native for Cross Platform development
  • Creating your first React Native app: Hello React Native
  • Learn how to work with JSX to create React components
  • Learn how to ultilize props to make dynamic React content
  • Get to understand how to use react redux for state management
  • Running React Native app in an android emulator
  • Running React Native app in an IOS simulator
  • Debugging and Logging
  • Understanding YellowBoxes and RedBoxes
  • Understanding Single-value Controls
  • Understanding platform specific development
  • Learn Layout components in React Native
  • How to style React Native Apps
  • Navigation in React Native: StackNavigators, TabNavigators and the DrawerNavigator
  • Understanding the fetch API
  • How to make requests and populate affordances
  • Understanding list components: Pickers, FlatList and SectionList
  • Understanding buttons and touchables
  • Understanding ultilization of 3rd Party packages
  • Preparing project for publishing
  • Deploying a React native app both on android and IOS



  • Introduction to Dart: setup and installation
  • Writing first Dart program
  • Basic dart operations
  • Setting up Flutter
  • Understanding the flutter project structure
  • Build your first Flutter application
  • Introduction to widgets and their roles in a flutter application
  • Recreating the Default Flutter application
  • Containers and their roles in flutter development
  • Importing images from a network and images as assets
  • ListView and ListTile
  • Building views using ListView.builder
  • Working with Stateless and Stateful Widgets
  • Understanding navigating using Navigation
  • Handling User Input
  • User Interface
  • Understanding synchronous functions using the 'Future' function and 'async' and await'
  • Working with remote data using the 'http' package
  • Working with Model Class and JSON parsing
  • Displaying data from a remote server
  • Understanding ultilization of 3rd Party packages
  • Preparing project for publishing
  • Deploying flutter app both on android and IOS

We are looking forward to being part of your cross platform development journey!


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