Python/ Django Course


1. Introduction to Frontend

  • HTML
  • CSS foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript DOM basics

2.Foundation of git

3.Fundamentals of Python

  • Introduction to python: keywords, identifiers, variables, datatypes,operators
  • Conditional statements and loops
  • Functions
  • Python Standard Library
  • Python file management
  • Python Object Oriented Programming


  • Introduction to Model View Template Architecture
  • Creating your first Django application
  • Understanding routing in Django
  • Understanding views in Django
  • Django templating: working with html files
  • Django static files: Adding CSS, Javascript and images to our site
  • Django introduction to ORM and Database Modelling
  • Setting up and creating models for our database
  • Django database operations: creating migrations
  • Django Forms
  • Django Authentication
  • Undestanding User Priviledges and permissions
  • Working with sessions and cookies