The Best Coding Schools in Kenya for Beginner and Intermediate Learners

The demand for coders is undoubtedly increasing at an astonishing rate owing to the digitization that has taken the 21st century. It is an immensely tough course but yet relevant to help you in the long run. In a recent study, people who studied coding in their earlier stages are more successful compared to its counterpart. Hence, learning to code forms a crucial part of daily life. 

But if you ask someone in Kenya- what is the best way to learn to code? And the direct answer you will receive is from the best coding schools in Kenya.

But why exactly is it so popular and relevant? The straightforward answer is it is useful in our daily lives. Whatever we touch and operate around, like the television, computers, laptops, and tablets, has all been a gift of coding! So, it’s not worthless to say that coding is the backbone of modern technology. In this post, we shall discuss the top-5 coding school in Kenya where you can learn coding as a kid. Let’s start then!


Lastly, we have come to the final school. It’s the Kwetuhub, which also offers free coding boot camps in Kenya, which is us! We provide students with the skills and requisite knowledge to be successful computer professionals in the future.

Moreover, we help them write code first (the basic) and then design software systems, collaborating with several projects accordingly. We also have online courses tailored to each individual’s needs and skill level. Our team of experienced instructors is available to help and guide the students in their journey. We strive to offer our students the best resources to learn and grow in order to pursue their dreams.

Moringa School

Yet another school on our list is the Moringa school- an intensive education program in Kenya that offers 5-week to 5-month courses. The best thing about this institute is they teach their students employment-relevant skills such as technical, workplace, and many others rather than theory. As a result, these kids can successfully run their own businesses and develop apps and websites with a touch of a button.

Through top-quality teachers, a curated curriculum, and a partnership with the top Silicon Valley Coding School, Moringa School is on the verge of creating world-class African developers, which is immensely beneficial to the African youth as they can now take advantage of the booming digital economy and secure their future. Moreover, the school also provides career support to help students find employment or start their own businesses. This has created a ripple effect in the African tech ecosystem, inspiring more people to take up coding and digital skills. 

Zindua School

Among the top coding schools in Kenya is the Zindua School. Besides coding, they deal with other programs too, such as Data Science, and Software Development- all come under coding! What we actually like about this institute is that it is affordable and allows students to pay what they can afford and pay the rest during a job, which is indeed a great initiative considering the poverty in African countries. Also, through this school, African youths are getting empowered to be successful. 

Zalego School

The third one on our list is Zalego School- an industrial, skill-based ICT training center. They primarily focus on building capacity, creating high job opportunities, and mentoring future entrepreneurs. You can have a great experience at Zalego School with its first-class facilities and flexible program structure.

They provide internship programs and job placements for their graduates. The school has a team of experienced instructors dedicated to helping students succeed and is committed to providing a quality learning experience and helping students achieve their goals.

Ubunifu School

Among the top coding school in Kenya is the Ubunifu School. They are a premier disruptive school of artificial intelligence, Software Engineering, Data Science, Robotics, and Blockchain- whose core lies in coding!

Just imagine your graduate school with a startup business and not simply worthless certificates. Ubunifu is for those with innovation, those who want to challenge the daily happenings and want to defy the status quo.

Final Thoughts!

Hope you now have learned something new from this blog. Coding schools in Kenya are clearly demanding. Therefore, getting into any of the above schools is a crucial step in your daily walk of life. 

The knowledge and skills you get from these top coding schools will help you to reach your goals. Utilize the resources this school offers and make sure to take advantage of the opportunities available. Take the initiative to build relationships with your peers and mentors, as the connections and networks you form can be invaluable. 

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun while coding and take the time to celebrate and appreciate your achievements. Believe in yourself and keep striving for success. Remember to stay motivated and keep learning!

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