The Future Of Coding In Kenya

The Future of Coding in Kenya: Top Coding Schools to Watch Out For

The world is revolutionizing at a drastic pace with the introduction of technology. However, technology is not a new thing for modern geeks! To understand it better, let’s make it one-liner, “it is the way to make life easier for people by offering reliable and cost-cutting solutions”. Talking of its premier examples is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has taken over the conventional methods to communicate (letters, faxes, et cetera), manufacturing (digitally controlled server), et cetera! 

Its other examples include data analytics, algorithms, and robotics that have taken over the entire humanity. The coding is its core! What is this term “coding”? A definite question asked by many. From the name, it’s the way to unlocked new paths using certain sets of words and numbers.

And somewhat the true coding definition coincides with this line.

Coding is the use of computer programming languages to give a set of instructions about the actions to be performed by the system (computers). In short, it’s the way of communication between humans & computers and the pioneer behind all the software like programs, operating systems, and mobile applications.

And the best part is it is virtually open to all, meaning anyone can learn this without explicit educational requirements. Furthermore, you can also opt for online coding courses in well-established schools in Kenya

What Does Coding Mean To Kenya?

Kenya is among the top African countries, with coding as the pillar behind their development in recent times. 

Actually, there are several barometers to measure the technological advancements in the country- the density of high-tech companies, diversity of tech products, level of research and development, mobile penetrations, internet accessibility, and affordability. And Kenya stands apart in all these, which can be possible only through coding. That’s the reason Kenya is being termed the “Silicon Savannah”. Some interesting facts related to the same are below:

  • According to the 2021 Global Innovative Index, Kenya is the third most innovative economy in sub-Saharan Africa behind Mauritius and South Africa. 
  • On the global chart, it is the 85th most innovative economy owing to coding. 

Now, let’s explore the top-5 Kenyan Schools That Offer Coding Courses.

1.       Kwetu Hub

The last one on our list is the Kwetu Hub. It is developed to endow Kenyans to engage in coding learning through 5-6 month Software Development and Data Sciences courses. They have integrated over 4000 learners from diverse backgrounds by offering them a righteous platform to grow.

2.      Moringa school

Moringa School is one of the leading coding schools in Kenya, providing world-class education in software development, data science, and product design. Moringa School’s curriculum is designed to be hands-on and project-based, providing students with real-world experience and preparing them for the job market. The school has a strong reputation for producing highly skilled graduates who are in high demand in the tech industry.

3.      Zindua School

Zindua School (previously Chaptr Bootcamps) is among the top coding schools in Kenya. It is felicitated as the first coding school ever in the country. What sets this school apart from the rest is it works on an income-share agreement model, meaning you can pay their course fees after joining your job. Isn’t it interesting! 

Moreover, the program is entirely virtual with several live workshops by expert technical mentors. More importantly, these courses are certified by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to give you an edge in the job market. 

4.      Zalego Academy

Yet another coding school on our list- Zalego Academy (among the best coding bootcamps in Kenya) goes beyond offering accredited diploma programs. As a student, you can enroll in diverse programs as well, such as Upskilling programs and Skill Nurturing Programs for professionals looking to enhance their skill sets while doing their regular jobs. Although they are known mainly for mobile development programs, they have expanded their program across web development, data science, data administration, and more importantly- coding!

5.      Ubunifu School

Not everyone learns coding to seek employment; some also learn this to venture into tech entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur, then Ubunifu School is the perfect option for you, with an array of program modules such as Data Science, Software Development, Blockchain Development, and coding. 


Coding schools are not just schools but are the hub for the student’s crucial development to emerge in coding school, upscaling the Kenyan economy. Among the schools we have discussed are Zindua School, Zalego Academy, Ubunifu School, African Leadership Accelerator (ALX), and Kwetu Hub. 

Kwetu Hub is a cutting-edge learning platform with the reputation of providing high-earning coding jobs to African students globally through an array of courses like software development and coding courses in Kenya

If you think you can be a good fit on the massive open learning course platforms like Udemy, then Kwetu Hub is the best bet owing to their budget-friendly and industry-oriented courses.  To learn more, log on to 

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