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How to Build a Successful Career in Web Design in Kenya

Web design in Kenya offers endless opportunities for developers who look beyond the obvious.

Software engineers often overlook web design because of the number of designers in the field.

Online tools that create free websites sometimes discourage designers from pursuing a career in this field.

Will you make money if you start a website design company in Kenya? Quick answer, yes.

It all depends on your strategy.

You can succeed where others are struggling or failing if you follow the right path.

When do you start?

1. Study the market

You cannot join a new market blindly and succeed.

Check the trends in web design in Kenya including the prices that designers charge for their services.

Study the website of top companies including the layout, visual graphics, and text.

Check listings for web design jobs to understand the skills that employers are looking for in designers.

Another important area to study is the unmet need in the market.

Here is a quick tip. Anyone can create a simple website with free online tools.

However, few designers can create customized web apps and websites for companies.

Think about the growth of e-commerce in Kenya and identify design opportunities.

2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

You know at this point the unmet needs in the market.

The preliminary research has helped you identify the current trends in design in Kenya and around the world.

Be honest about your current set of skills.

Can you deliver the quality websites that employers are looking for?

Can you match the skills of other top website designers in Kenya?

Denial will keep you grounded. List your strengths and weaknesses.

Your strength could be your current level of training or a keen eye for details.

You might also have a good selection of colors or choice of templates.

Even the determination to build a successful career is a strength!

3. Go back to school

The advantage of being honest about your strengths and weaknesses is growth.

Having identified the missing skills or knowledge, you can choose a school to gain the skills.

We recommended institutionalized learning through schools like Kwetu Hub.

You will discover new areas in web design that you could have missed in your previous training.

 If you have never attended a web design class, you have no choice.

Training sets a sure foundation for your career path.

We say that because most of the critical lessons you will learn and fully understand when you start working.

If you have basic training in design, consider online lessons to update your skill set.

In fact, learning never stops in web design!

4. Start now

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you that there is never a perfect time to launch out.

You just have to take a risk and make a move.

Do not sit and wait to be sure that you have mastered web design.

You have enough information by now including a good skill set to start.

The hardest part for new graduates in web design in Kenya is getting the first client.

Here is the truth. Clients prefer designers with experience or a portfolio to show.

So, how do you go past this handle?

Look around you. Inform at least 10 people in your circle about your new training or career goal.

The reality on the ground as you will discover in your research is that Kenyans are serious about online businesses.

In a group of ten, you will find one or two trying to build their online presence.

You may not get an opportunity to build a website from scratch right away.

However, you can identify websites that need an update and approach the owners with an offer.

Here is a trick that works for new designers. Create several personal websites.

The website can be in different fields but your company website must stand out.

Use the websites to build a portfolio to present to clients.

Do you see the need to start now?

5. Differentiate your service

We understand the hesitation to specialize in web design.

The market seems saturated with designers offering websites at ridiculously low prices.

Even in the presence of mobile solutions such as apps, businesses must have a website.

The trick is to offer unique designs that other designers cannot pull without training and experience.

Learning the trends is important because it helps you understand your client’s expectations.

However, you must find new ways to differentiate your services.

For instance, in addition to outstanding designs, you can offer content marketing services.

Website owners often need SEO services right after launching their websites.

Think about excellent customer service and support.

You may need to gain additional skills or go out of your way but differentiation is a must if you want to build your business.

6. Market your business

No one will tell you this when starting a business.

The professionals who get the best jobs do not necessarily have the best skills.

In fact, some have to outsource some tasks to meet their client’s demands.

Market leaders know how to package and promote their services or products.

Do not sit and wait for clients to find your web design company.

Creating a business website is not enough. Look for business, consistently and aggressively.

You have free opportunities to create brand awareness such as social media.

The majority of your target clients are on social media. Maximize the advertising opportunities on each platform.

Getting your first client might be easier than you think with the right marketing strategy.

You may not afford a marketing professional as a new designer but as your business grows, consider outsourcing the function.

Final thoughts

Building a successful career takes time and different paths. Your step might be enrolling for a course in web design in Kenya. For other designers, unlearning outdated trends may be their first step. The secret is to start now. If you have basic skills, utilize them as you seek growth opportunities. Build brand awareness even with limited experience. You climb the success ladder with every investment in your career.

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