Coding Lessons in Kenya: Classroom versus Online Learning

Technology has increased learning opportunities for students in all fields. Consequently, schools have adopted online lessons as part of their core programs. The curriculum is in most cases the same for classroom and online classes.

Programming schools have adopted the trend as well. You can take coding lessons in Kenya in the traditional classroom setting or online. How do you choose the right program for you?

1. Available programs

While learning to code online is possible, some schools limit the courses that students can take online. The curriculum also depends on the level of education. For instance, pursuing a PhD in computer science online is not possible in many programming schools.

Hence, you need to consider your career goals and the courses you should take to achieve those goals. For instance, if you want to specialize in creating mobile apps, look for a school that offers mobile app development online.

The quality of education for your preferred course should be the same as that offered in a classroom setting. The only way to achieve this is to pick a reputable coding school.

2. Personal learning style

Which learning style works for you? You have already gone through primary and secondary schools. You may have enrolled in other education programs as well.

Are you disciplined enough to learn on your own? Do you understand concepts better through direct interactions with your tutor and other students?

The truth is that online learning is not for everyone. Some people are easily distracted from their studies and need the classroom setting to focus on a lesson. The environment in your home may frustrate your efforts to learn online.

For some, the interactions with other students are a distraction. Such students do well while studying at home or in a secluded environment. They spend hours researching before and after lessons, which improves their learning outcomes.

3. Work Schedule

You need to consider your work schedule as you choose coding lessons in Kenya. Quitting your job to learn may not be an option. You need the money to fund your education.

Many schools now run both day and evening classes. If you work during the day, you can consider the evening lessons. However, sometimes the evening classes do not work for some students.

For professionals with demanding jobs, online learning is recommended. You do not even need to leave your office. As soon as the online class start, login, learn and then head home.

4. Overcoming location barriers

Let us say you have identified a good coding school in Kenya like Kwetu Hub but you live far from its location. Do you settle for another school in your area with a lower-quality education?

No, you stay with a reputable school. As long as your preferred program is available online, register and learn from home.

Online learning also saves working students the cost of travelling during rush hours to get to class. The majority get to class late after work even if the school is within the same city.

Consider the location of your preferred school. If you will waste hours and money on the road daily, use those resources to learn online.

Your preferred school might also be in another continent or country. Online learning might be the only way to learn in such a school. Relocation is expensive.

5. Investment in learning

How much are you willing to invest to learn to code? How far are you willing to go to build a successful career as a developer?

When we talk of investments, the cost of education might immediately come to mind. Money is just part of it. It takes more than paying the tuition fees to excel in an educational program.

Online learning gives you enough time to research extensively until you understand concepts. You will come across free coding lessons in Kenya while doing your online research.

In addition, you can interact with other students taking the same course from any location. Today’s technology allows virtual meetings and discussions among developers online.

6. Accountability

One of the advantages of classroom learning over online learning is accountability. Some people lack the self-discipline needed to learn to code online.  Going to class and interacting with the tutors keeps you accountable.

Tutors will always ask questions if you miss classes, come late, or fail to complete your homework. It is a bit embarrassing to answer such questions daily in the presence of other students.

The need for accountability does not make you a weak student. It just means you are willing to do everything possible to ensure that you complete your course. You will also save a lot of time that you would otherwise waste on other activities.

7. Interactions with other students

We have talked about virtual interactions, which are beneficial to online students. However, such interactions are limited. Physical interactions communicate more than just words or information.

Many students understand concepts in discussion groups. In most cases, students organize such forums after class and discuss the subject matter. Sometimes tutors are overwhelmed by the number of students and lack the opportunity for personalized coaching.

If you have an opportunity to enroll for on-campus classes, do so to enjoy such interactions with other students. You may struggle to understand a concept all night while another student can explain it in a few minutes.

Coding lessons may seem complex until you interact with other students. You save time and improve your learning experience when you ask for help. In addition, you get an opportunity to share your knowledge with others.


The decision on whether to study online or attend physical class lessons is personal. The circumstances when enrolling for coding lessons in Kenya are unique to each student. You may want to attend class lessons and interact with other students but lack the opportunity because of work or family responsibilities. Do not allow a busy schedule to stop you from pursuing your dream career. Learn online if you must but attain the skills necessary to become a developer.

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