8 Tips to Learn How to Make an App Faster

We understand the excitement that comes with registering for a coding class or program. You want to learn how to make an app faster than everyone else does. Whether you are joining a coding boot camp or a campus program, the excitement is always there.

However, you will soon realize that learning to code takes time. It requires much of your time, patience, and effort. Luckily for you, we have some tips that will make the journey easier for you.

  1. Take time with the basics

We have observed a trend with many coding students. Everyone seems in a rush to get to the hard stuff. Hence, they rush through the basics and sometimes do not even grasp the concepts.

What is the result you ask? They struggle with hard concepts. Take time to understand the fundamentals of coding. Do not be in a hurry!

It will be easier for you when hard coding concepts are introduced. Chapter one of every class is important yet students assume that it is okay to skip it. Be there from the start. You will appreciate the lessons in the long term.

  1. Play with codes

If you are serious about learning how to make an app, you cannot just learn codes and keep them. We recommend that you start using them immediately.

Here is a trick that will set you ahead of other students. Start the class, whether Android app development or IOS app development with an idea of an app. Pick a simple app as a personal project.

Whenever you learn a new set of codes, try to apply them in your project. Again, do not use the codes given as they are. Try to make some changes and see the outcome. You will not only grow new skills but also learn how to get the desired outcome by changing a code.

  1. Ask for help

Yes, we know it! You want to learn to code and figure it out alone. Developers are thrilled by solving problems with their codes. Here is the thing; you will lose valuable time with that approach.

If it gets tough, ask for help. If you are in the right coding school, you have professionals to consult. A classmate can also help with some problems.

You will appreciate this tip when you start debugging. Trying to figure out why you have a bug in your code can take hours. Debugging might even take longer for a newbie. Get help! You will move faster!

  1. Use your hand

You just bought the best laptop you could find for your coding lessons. Why use your hand to learn to code? Well, professional tutors have proved that it is an effective learning method.

You will eventually write the code on a computer program. However, learning the basics by hand makes it easier and faster to write advanced codes. In addition, sometimes you need to explain your code to others on a board.

We cannot you how many times we had to write codes by hand fast to understand the flow of concepts. Some of your future projects will require you to use your hand and computer to create bug-free codes.

  1. Take breaks

Do you remember the hobbies you had before you start thinking about coding? You need them! Many students equate programming with countless sleepless nights. Be different.

Learn to take breaks when coding, especially when debugging. You will not learn how to make an app in a day or two. It takes weeks and sometimes months before you can create a functional app from scratch.

Walk away from your laptop and do something that you like. Refresh your mind. It will be easier to grasp concepts when you get back. Do not wait until you are stuck to take a break. Schedule the breaks even when taking easy lessons.

  1. Check online resources

Joining a coding school or boot camp is just the first step. Tutors have limited time to teach you how to code. The effort is required on your side to make learning faster.

Luckily, the internet has many free resources including free lessons to help you practice. If you do not understand a concept in class, read further in your private study. You will also find complimentary online lessons that will help you when you start coding.

The truth is that coding is not for the lazy. It requires constant learning even after graduation. Every project will require a skill that you may have to learn.

  1. Take bugs as lessons

Bugs are perhaps the most frustrating part of learning to create an app. However, your attitude will determine how fast you get past bugs. A bug in your code does not mean that you have the worst coding skills.

In fact, your skills grow as you learn how to identify and solve bugs. Sometimes detecting bugs takes longer than solving them. You learn something new in every debugging process. Use debuggers if necessary to reset your codes.

Here is another tip. Learn from other developers’ mistakes. Do not repeat their mistakes but learn from them. Be willing to unlearn what does not work as your tutors instruct you.

  1. Replicate sample codes

We talked about changing sample codes as you learn. You can do more! Try replicating the codes given in class from scratch. Whether learning how to make an app online or in a class setting, you will come across many sample codes.

The proof that you really understand the codes is that you can replicate them without introducing bugs. Start with the simplest codes. Remember it is okay to ask for help whenever you need it.

Final thoughts

Learning to create apps is a process. Give yourself enough time to learn each concept. Do not forget the breaks. The outcome of your learning process depends on your state of mind. Ask for help on tough days and stay open to learning new ways of doing things. Professional help is available if you are committed to learning fast.

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