How to Become One of the Leading iOS Developers in Kenya

Do you dream of developing mobile apps that will take the world by storm?

You are among many aspiring developers who are hoping to make a difference in the tech world.

The number of mobile phone users continues to increase daily, with many choosing the iOS platform.

This means that you if join the top iOS Developers in Kenyayou have ready users for your app

However, you must think outside the box and introduce innovative apps.

Think of the large of companies with non-functional or no apps to connect with their customers.

Alternatively, you can create and market apps directly to users for different functions.

Many freelance developers are making a kill right from home by identifying and meeting needs.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that he or she meets needs or solves problems daily.

So, where do you start?

Define your goal.

What kind of apps do you intend to create? Who are your target users?

How can you overtake Snapchat and Instagram?

Here are the basic steps to follow to join the league of iOS Designers in Kenya.

1. Get the skills

Many aspiring developers are looking for shortcuts. You cannot make a difference if you follow the same trend.

If app development is our niche, you cannot escape learning how to code.

You have two options; go back to school and take a full course (recommended) or learn online.

It all depends on the resources at hand. If you can pay for an on-campus program, go ahead.

Do not be discouraged if you have to learn everything on your own. Some of the leading iOS Developers in Kenya took online classes to perfect their skills.

If you have access to the internet and a computer, start browsing app development tutorials.

It is a good place to start.

This does not eliminate the need to take a school program, especially if you want to convince major clients of your competence.

2. Learn how to use app builders

This option is appropriate for entrepreneurs who need a mobile app but cannot afford to pay a developer.

However, you can use the option to create a simple app.

Using app builders works hand-in-hand with coding.

You access templates and ideas for generic applications.

Remember that some of your future clients might need generic applications with minimalist designs.

However, you must go a step ahead and customize the given templates to suit your needs.

App builders save developers a lot when faced with time constraint and when testing the market’s response to a new app.

3. Understand the trade

Attaining skills is the just the first step. Your efforts ought to translate into real cash.

How do you make money out of app development?

Before we answer that, let us look at some useful statistics.

Your new apps will compete with millions of other apps in the world.

Look at these statistics on the number of apps on the leading stores from Statista.


Looking at the statistics, you can tell that you will compete with nearly 4 million apps on Google Play Store alone.

The statistics represent the first quarter of 2018, which means that the number will have increased by the close of the year.

Instead of looking at the number as competitors, think of them as an indication that app development is a lucrative venture.

If you can create functional apps with great designs that solve real needs, you have an additional stream of income.

Always bear in mind that technology changes daily and so do customer preferences.

Your app may be the best thing in the market until someone comes up with a better version of the same.

We encourage new developers to learn from other iOS developers in Kenya.

Do not function in your own cocoon! Come out and find out what is trending before your invention becomes obsolete.

Again, do not rely on your experience in software or website development.

App development, especially for specific platforms such as Android and iOS, is a different ball game.

4. Identify emerging opportunities

Here is another reason why you cannot work in isolation; market analysis.

The main difference between leaders and followers in this business is that leaders identify opportunities before the rest.

Do not simply follow trends. Aim at setting the pace in your niche.

Identifying new opportunities requires that you study your target market keenly and consistently.

For instance, what do millions struggle to do daily that an app can solve?

If you are targeting business owners, look for unmet needs especially in building relationships with customers.

Most large companies have apps and websites. Consider targeting medium and small enterprises as you build your skills.

Another way to identify opportunities is to study the existing apps.

What features lack in the apps in your niche? How can you improve the functionality and user experience?

As they say, think outside the box!

5. Keep learning

Do not settle for an undergraduate degree or diploma in software development.

That was a tool to get you started! There is more to learn!

Go back to school. If you started with a short online course, register for your degree or diploma programmer.

The risk of limited knowledge in an evolving digital world is that your skills may become irrelevant.

New technologies may emerge that your training did not cover.

Learn from your peers, learn from leading developers, learn from tutors, whatever you do, keep learning.

Your clients are also sources of information on how to improve your trade and skills

Do not take every complaint or call for help as negative.

Build on the feedback from your clients and create better apps in the future.

We have given you a roadmap on how to build your career as an app developer. However, you must move your feet to get to your destination. It helps to work for top iOS designers in Kenya before launching out on your own. The main thing is to take the first step, even if you start at the bottom of the ladder, and keep moving.

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